History of a Diamond

This infographic by Brilliance.com shows historic points of from the discovery of the diamond right down from 800 BC in India to its relevance today. The infographic starts the historical account of the diamond tracing back to 3000 years ago in India where the first diamonds were speculated to have been found. It picks up to 327 BC after, detailing how Alexander the great brought the first diamonds to Europe.

The next point in the timeline is 500-1500s during the middle ages when the worth of diamonds started to be realized. Diamonds during the dark ages is also discussed, when it was often used as medicial aid. Between 1074 to 2002, points in time are outlined as the diamond being used as a rare jewel starting with how the diamond was used on aHungarian Queen’s crown. In 1150s, the Briolette of India, a legendary diamond, was believed to have been brought to England by Eleanor Aquitaine. The outline now picks up at 1375 when the point cut was developed then fast-forwards to 7 years ago. From 1423 to 1, the diamond as a ring is seen to have been gaining popularity. Eleven more important points in the history of diamonds are raised thereafter.

Source: Brilliance.com

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