How to Plan a Website Redesign Simplified

Building a website *seems* simple enough. But we can assure you… it is not a task to be taken lightly. Everything from mocking up designs, building the wire frames, coding the actual design, testing, writing all the content, testing again, editing… changing… fixing bugs… etc… the list continues to grow. The below infographic details out how to start properly on step one and do it right the first time.

Source: Best Website Builder

How Semi-Automatic Paintball Guns Work

There is nothing quite like facing off against a team shooting paintballs at you at over 200 miles per hour, as they buy bulk ammo online while you feverishly are doing the same, all attempting to capture a flag or be the last man standing. Paintball has been a revolutionary concept for quite some time, and is a really popular sport people play now a days.

If you are fairly new to paintball, you may wonder what skills are most important to master or which skills contribute the most to playing a good game. If you know this, you know which skills to work on first to quickly improve your overall game. Once you get good at these skills, you can acquire other skills that require a bit more practice and finesse. To help get you started on your paintball journey, AC Paintball near Atlantic City, New Jersey has created this list of important skills to practice, and using the right quipment is important too like the best guns from this Tippmann stormer review that is a great model for this.

Every AC Paintball game is different. You will play on different fields, with different people, and encounter different situations. Therefore, you will have many different choices to make. In some cases, you can simply follow your team’s plan. However, sometimes you will need to consider the consequences and choose the best option.

Better decision-making skill comes from experience. If you continue to play at AC Paintball and learn from each game, you will continue to improve.

The folks at Mayhem Paintball in London and Essex offer up a little inside information into how the paintball guns we all love and use at these events actually work. The below interactive infographic shows us how:

Source: Mayhem Paintball Blog

The Science Behind Awesome Websites

A lot of people just kind of assume the internet works through this magic series of tubes, where these magic people live who just slam on keyboards all day and *poof* websites just suddenly appear. The folks at Intellicore hope to limit this misunderstanding with the below infographic, discussing the nuts and bolts of creating awesome websites:

Source: Intellicore blog