10 Tips for a Healthy Smile

Just admit it, we all know you don’t floss enough. Unless of course it’s two weeks before your next dentist appointment and you’re trying to avoid feeling guilty during your bi-annual checkup. Regardless of all this, there’s plenty of ways you can keep those chompers healthy, outlined in the infographic below.

Source: Felt Family Dentistry

7 Habits to Better Posture

Before thinking too much about it, how are you currently sitting at your desk? Good posture leads to good health, so it’s important to make sure you’re working to ensure you maintain a healthy pose. The below infographic details out some habits to help improve posture.

Source: Manomics

How to Get Rid of Lice

Nothing worse than lice. It’s embarrassing for the kids, it’s a pain in the rear for the parents, and then the school has to go on high alert in an attempt to make sure nobody else has gotten it. The below infographic details out the best ways to get rid of lice. Check it out:

Source: Stop Pest Info