What Types of Braces are Right For Me?

To achieve a perfect smile, you must make your oral hygiene a priority. Adults often struggle with this reality due to a lack of interest in traditional braces.

Luckily, many different types of braces have been produced over the years, offering adults with no desire to have a “metal mouth” some fantastic alternatives that even allow you go behind the teeth when considering braces. With this infographic, gain more insight into the debate of Incognito vs Standard braces, and discover the true price of Invisalign braces.

Source: The Schulhof Center for Cosmetic Orthodontics

What to Consider When Moving to Shanghai

Moving can be a massively difficult experience. Now consider moving to another country where perhaps you might not even speak the language, and the population is over 20 million people! Shanghai is a beautiful, vibrant city, one that is clearly growing at a rapid pace. With many people moving there to be a part of this growth, the below guide could be very useful for many!

Source: Yew Chung International School Shanghai
Moving to Shanghai - Yew Chung International School

How to Build up Your Credit

Credit can be an incredibly complicated thing to understand. Most people are unaware how most financial activity at ages as young as 18 can directly affect your financial future. The below infographic from Aqua does a great job breaking down this otherwise complicated system in an easily digestible road map for those looking for a better understanding

Source: Aqua

Chicago’s Lincoln Park – A Great Place To Live

A zoo, an aquarium and a beach… What more could a neighborhood need? Lincoln Park in Chicago is a beautiful place to start looking for living arrangements for both local Chicago residents as well as those moving from out of town. The below infographic details out a lot of other great reasons that Lincoln Park might be the right neighborhood for you in Chicago!

Source: Apartment Savvy