Now is a Great Time to Plan For Better Data Security

In case you have been living under a rock, the recent Sony software leaks were a terrible reminder of how unsafe data can be when not rigorously protected on the web. The folks at Prespecsys created the below infographic to remind everyone there is never a better time than right now to ensure utmost data security.

Source: Perspecsys Cloud Security Software

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The good, the bad, and the future of Bitcoin for business

The growing interest in Bitcoin has captured the attention of both investors and businesses worldwide. As people explore avenues for cryptocurrency trading, platforms like trading 212 vs freetrade have become popular choices. With its increasing popularity, many businesses are exploring the potential of integrating Bitcoin payments into their operations. According to the infographic from Find My Shift, a staggering 80,000 businesses have already embraced Bitcoin as a payment method. This widespread adoption is a clear indication of the cryptocurrency’s rising influence in the global economy.

However, despite the growing number of businesses accepting Bitcoin, there is still a sense of caution among many. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, prompts businesses to carefully assess the risks before fully embracing this digital currency. They are keen on understanding the market trends, regulatory environment, and technological advancements, often relying on tools like a cryptocurrency trading bot to navigate this complex landscape efficiently. If you’re interested in exploring further about cryptocurrency trading bots, you might want to visit websites like These platforms often provide valuable insights, tutorials, and tools for individuals and businesses looking to navigate the cryptocurrency market using automated trading solutions.

The infographic likely outlines various trends and statistics related to Bitcoin, shedding light on its current status and future prospects. It might include information about the regions where Bitcoin adoption is particularly high, the industries that are leading in accepting cryptocurrency payments, and any notable fluctuations in its value.

As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of digital currencies, it is crucial for them to stay informed about the latest developments and market dynamics. This information empowers them to make well-informed decisions about whether to integrate Bitcoin into their payment systems, invest in cryptocurrencies, or adopt blockchain technology for their operations.

The infographic from Find My Shift serves as a valuable resource, providing businesses and investors with insights into the ever-changing world of Bitcoin. With 80,000 businesses already on board, the trend is undeniably moving upward, signaling a potential shift towards a more widespread acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the mainstream economy.

Source: Find My Shift Employee Scheduling