Facts About the IT and Telecoms Industry

We bet you don’t pay too much mind to all the technology around you. From things like internet connections and phone lines, wifi networks and cell phone towers, most of this stuff is just such a part of our daily lives that it ends up getting ignored. The below infographic details out the facts behind the people who work in this industry.

Source: Randstad Technologies
IT & Telecoms Industry At a Glance

UK Household Demographics

Everybody loves a good demographic breakdown with lots of fun statistics and other facts. The below infographic details out dozens of statistics related to the average UK household. Take a look and leave your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Quick Quid

Interesting Facts about Moms

With Mother’s Day only a few short weeks away, it’s always fun to reflect upon some fun facts surrounding our favorite people. Check out the below infographic for a breakdown on all sorts of interesting facts regarding moms.

Source: Modern Mom

The Cost of Raising a Child

It’s kind of a scary thought, calculating the total cost of raising a child. From day one the little buggers can get expensive pretty quick. But for those of you who have taken on one of life’s most rewarding challenges, we’re willing to bet you ultimately believe it’s totally worth it.

Check out the below infographic on ways you can prepare financially when the time comes to bring another member of the family into the world:

Source: Cost of Raising a Child – Junior ISA Calculator from Fidelity
How much does it cost to raise a child?

The Truth About 100% Compensation

There will be some major changes in how compensation will be awarded in 2013. Because of the confusion, it is important to understand everything about the new changes before moving forward with a case. The below infographic offers a case example that outlines the specific details of the major changes.

Source: Express Solicitors