Getting Prepared for Life After College

Think graduating college is the last step before a successful career? It’s certainly great progress, but it’s important to remember that a lot goes into being successful following graduation. The below infographic details out a lot of great advice when it comes to preparing for life after college.

Source: Graduation Source

What Pop Songs Are Used As Samples?

“Haven’t I heard this somewhere?” How often do you hear that when jamming out to your favorite new tracks. There’s no doubt that a lot of songs are used to create newer songs that sound quite similar. The below infographic details out some great examples of two songs that sound quite similar as one version heavily used samples from the other:

Source: I DJ Now

Unlocking the Power of Your Lease

Own a lot of land? Looking for some revenue options? The below infographic details out some advice when it comes to leasing land to cell phone and billboard towers. These leases can be complicated so the below infographic is helpful for those unsure where to turn.

Source: Lease Advisors

A Man’s Guide to Buying the Best Jewelry

Buying jewelry can be an extremely complicated process, especially if your interest are elsewhere, such as Football or drinking beer. Never fear gentlemen, the below infographic details out everything you need to know about buying jewelry for that special someone. Now you won’t have to worry about looking foolish when making the big purchase. Check it out below:

Source: Milano Jewelry

The Hotel Must-Haves

Curious what the most important things are in hotels for different types of travelers? The below infographic details out the various things that people list as must-haves when they’re looking to book a hotel. Check out all the fun stats below.

Source: Meeting Hub

Cool Construction Technology Advancements

Construction is one of those industries that often doesn’t get a lot of press for their innovations, but that certainly doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of new technologies in the industry. The below infographic details out a lot of these advancements, giving easy explanations that anyone can understand. Exciting stuff!

Source: iSeekPlant