Overspending in America

Admit it, you’re terrified of what the credit card bill is about to look like after this holiday season. The below infographic details out a lot of statistics about how this is an upward trend in America, and doesn’t show too many signs of slowing down. It also details out ways in which to attempt to gain more control over your finances.

Overspending in America – Statistics and Facts
Source: The Credit Examiner

Truck Accident Statistics

Ever seen the movie Over The Top? Well apparently Sylvester Stallone was in quite a bit more danger than one might originally assume. Some shocking statistics below about the frequency and reasons behind the majority of these accidents. And from all of us here at Discover Infographics, please be careful on the road.

Source: Chicago Truck Injury Lawyers

The Benefits of a Bilingual Education

Learning a second language can prove immensely valuable not only for the benefit of your career, but also for your brain. Learning a second language has been proven to cause higher levels of brain activity as well as intelligence. Bilinguals also have shown improved cognitive skills, improved creativity and improved literacy.

The below infographic discusses some other benefits for those considering taking the plunge.

Source: http://www.ycis-bj.com/bilingual-benefits

The Business of Being Santa

Santa has a pretty tough gig, we gotta hand it to him. Running around on Christmas Eve delivering gifts to millions of kids. However, we’re pretty sure his job as gotten a little easier with the latest developments in technology. This below infographic describes how it all most likely goes down :

Source: Salesforce

The History of Weddings

With Father of the Bride being one of our favorite movies, you can imagine why we think attending a wedding is normally a good time. A healthy dose of free drinks and food often lead to a memorable evening. However, the weddings we’ve come to know and love are quite a bit different that their historical predecessors, outlined below:

A Brief History of Weddings | Moissanite.com
Source: moissanite.com

Motorcycle Accident Statistics — Motorcycle Safety Guide

Riding a motorcycle is one of the most fun activities in the world. It’s great both in social settings or solo. It is both efficient transportation as well as great for long road trips. However, the risk of injury versus driving a car is exponentially higher. The below infographic does a great job breaking down a lot of the facts surrounding safe motorcycle riding as well as common motorcycle injury statistics:


Source: http://www.chicagomotorcycleinjurylawyers.com