A List of Don’t s for Women on Bicycles

Oh how far we’ve come… You might have read the above headline and thought, “that sounds incredibly sexist!” And you’d be right. The below infographic reveals the historical rules laid out for when a woman wanted to ride a bicycle. Such as “don’t wear a man’s cap” or “don’t scream if you meet a cow.” It’s one of the funniest things we’ve ever seen

Source: Headwater

Facts About the Champions League

With the Champions League final just wrapping up (what a game!), the folks at Super Betting put together this awesome infographic detailing out some fun facts about the league. Did you know Giggs has played in 147 matches? Or that Real Madrid has won nine times? Check out the below facts and impress all your friends:

Source: Super Betting

Your Guide to Safely Renting a Place

Most renters probably don’t think twice about the safety of renting. It’s often just a casual thought in the back of their minds. But robbers and thieves barely know the difference between a renter and a homeowner, and all the stuff inside is of the same value to them. The below infographic details out ways to stay safe as a renter, some great reminders for those who haven’t given it much thought.

Source: Renters Alarm Co.

Beginner’s Guide to Online Slots

For those of you that don’t live close to a casino but still enjoy playing some slots, you might not know where to look. Or you might just be a new player who is interested in getting into some slots. The infographic below details out how to play and what to look for in new games.
Source: Slotozilla ©2014.
INFOGRAPHIC: Online Slots Beginner’s Guide 2014 by Slotozilla.com

The Tallest Office Buildings in the World

These buildings are crazy! Could you imagine working thousands of feet in the air, being able to see for miles and miles around you? The below infographic details out the tallest (and in our opinion some of the coolest) office spaces in the world. Check them out below and then imagine how it would feel riding an elevator over 100 stories every day to get to work.

Source: EDGE