The Biggest Robberies and Heists

Ever curious about the biggest heists ever pulled? The Below infographic compares these heists to the value of some things that go on to show just how relatively huge the monetary value of the heist actually was. From banks to major home invasions, the graphic below will keep you fascinated for a while.

Source: Safe From The Start

Louisiana, A Place Where Anything Can Happen

For those of you who have recently watched the HBO show True Detective, your perception of Louisiana might be a little skewed. While we have never been there, we actually have heard a lot of great things. However, the big easy isn’t without it’s problems, as the below infographic will show you; there is quite a bit of property crime!

Source: ADT Louisiana Home Security

Your Guide to Safely Renting a Place

Most renters probably don’t think twice about the safety of renting. It’s often just a casual thought in the back of their minds. But robbers and thieves barely know the difference between a renter and a homeowner, and all the stuff inside is of the same value to them. The below infographic details out ways to stay safe as a renter, some great reminders for those who haven’t given it much thought.

Source: Renters Alarm Co.