What is Identity Theft and How to Avoid It

If you really stop and think about how much information you willfully give random websites on the internet, it should be no surprise that there has been a steep increase in identity theft related crime over the past decade.

It’s a terrifying thought, and many people are not even sure how to protect themselves. The below infographic details out many details about identity theft as well as some common areas that are targeted most frequently:

Source: Credit Report Problems

Selecting a Home Safe

If you have ever had anything terrible happen to your house like a burglary or fire, you know the importance of keeping certain things a little safer than others that insurance might just not cover. A small home safe will often do the trick, but there are countless options. The below infographic does a great job breaking down a lot of the details on selecting the one that will be the best fit for your home or small office.

Source: Scottsdale Locksmith

Annual Vehicle Theft Report

Having your car stolen can be one of the most irritating processes in the whole world. Filing a police report, making a claim with insurance, taking inventory of everything else that was in your car… Below, the folks at Locksmith Manhattan have broken down the annual report on vehicle theft, listing regional theft numbers as well as popular makes and models of cars that get stolen most frequently. They also offer some great tips on how to prevent theft of your vehicle:


Source: Lock Smith Manhattan