The Evolution of the Modern Restaurant

As technology has advanced so has the industries it supports. Restaurants are no exception, as modern technology has drastically changed how the food service functions. From updated POS systems, modern ordering logistics software and even food production, the modern restaurant has adopted many futuristic technologies. The infographic below details out a lot of these fun advancements.

Source: Bepoz POS Software

The History of Electronic Cigarettes

It seems like just a few years ago bars and even cities everywhere were banning actual cigarettes to clean up the environment of their establishments. Well then comes along the answer for those still hoping to smoke indoors: the popularization of electronic cigarettes. The below infographic details out the longer than expected history of these alternative smoking methods.

Source: Joyetech

How to Screen Print From Home

Are you an artsy-craftsy kinda person on a budget that’s always dressed to impress? Well you’re in luck! This cool how to infographic has just what you need from creating unique one-of-a-kind looks or creating merchandise for your brand using screen printing. Not only can screen printing be fun but it’s safe, affordable and can be done from home. All you need are a few basic items you can find around the house or at a local art supply store and you’re on your way!

Source: Ink Technologies