Where Your Recyclables Go

Throw it into a bin under the sink, take it out to the street once a week, and completely forget about it. This is a pretty likely story for most people in how much thought they put into recycling. But really it’s quite an impressive feat of infrastructure monitoring the entire life cycle of a recycling program. The below infographic details out the entire process.

Source: Recyclebank

Tree care in the urban forest

Land in the middle of a city can be extremely valuable. But often times the reason a city remains beautiful is because of urban forests, parks, and city beautification. There is a big difference in quality of life between cities with strict land policies to keep urban forests in tact as compared to those who don’t. The below infographic details out the benefits of keeping these urban forests in the best shape.

Source: Urban Forest Pro

Where is Plastic From?

Ever wondered where all that plastic you see on a daily basis comes from? Well the below infographic offers an incredibly educational look into the process of molding plastics. Did you know that over 1 trillion plastic bags are produced every year? And that it takes over 1000 years for those bags to disenegrate? Check out more facts by clicking below to launch the full graphic:

Source Stephens Injection Moulding

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

It’s hard to believe but the average energy bill has shockingly risen almost 30 dollars in the past decade. A lot of this is due to the massive increase of people now using far more electrical devices. The below infographic details out a lot of other facts about the increase in electric bills as well as location data.

Source: Home Security Solutions

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