Who Pays Less For Car Insurance

Ever wondered who pays more for car insurance, Republicans or Democrats? These two demographics have sparred against each other in numerous different rings. Now that the election is fully underway we’ve noticed that this particular question has come up time and time again, and we think it’s time for them to go head to head! So the experts here at CoverHound have done the research and poured over the data. There’s a number of factors that effect car insurance rates, so how do Republicans and Democrats stack up against each other? Check out our new infographic for all the answers!

Cover Hound

Source: CoverHound

Crime Headlines vs. Reality

Crime Headlines vs. Reality—What does the local coverage of crime teach about the world around you? How do headlines compare to what the police are reporting to the public about crime in their city?

To find out we took a look at the news coverage of crime for one week in four major US cities. We then compared that to what the police reported about crime that same week in those cities. Most of what we found isn’t surprising.

Source: Copyright SimpliSafe Burglar Alarm Systems