The Adoption of Inclusion Education

Disability awareness in education has really taken shape over the past 40 years, with many laws passing that enforced improving educational participation for all disabilities. With modern integration of people with disabilities, more and more students with disabilities are now spending the majority of their time in mainstream classrooms. The below infographic details out a lot of the laws and statistics regarding this trend:

Source: University of New England Online Masters in Education

British Automobile Facts

Did you know the average car is on the road for 7.7 years in the UK? How about that the most common color was blue but now silver has caught up and tied. The below infographic outlines some great automobile facts for cars in the UK, including statistics about the dangers of driving without insurance.

Source: Quote Me Today
motor trade insurance infographic

The Dangers of Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine is considered to be one of the most addictive substances commonly abused. It’s no secret that using crack cocaine can quickly spiral anyone’s life out of control. If you know someone who is believed to be using, please encourage them to seek help in any way possible. The below infographic details out many facts about this addictive drug:

Source: Delray Recovery Center
The Dangers of Crack Cocaine - Infographic

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Guide

Microsoft Dynamics can be overwhelming for those not familiar with the software. The below infographic does a great job breaking down the keys to making sure the transition is as smooth as possible with detailed explanations of each step:

Source: Intellicore