Three Reasons Why Frozen Was So Successful

Frozen was a cultural phenomenon that took the world and every child in the world captive into a mystical Disney world. One of the most successful Disney moves to-date, everyone is wondering, what made this movie so successful? The folks at Presto Online Movie and TV Streaming have put together a great infographic that details out the reasons why Frozen was so successful.

Source: The Presto Blog

The Luckiest Cities in the UK

You probably are sitting there thinking, “ok, I don’t really believe in luck” – but let’s all be honest here for a second that even for those of us who refuse to believe in any sort of random goodwill, we can’t help but occasionally wish for a little luck ourselves. Perhaps the below infographic can help those of us with a few more aspirations to live near and around luck, as it maps out the luckiest cities in the UK

Source: World Lottery Club