Investment Opportunities for 2014

2014 is here and everyone is asking “what’s the next big thing?” While it’s hard to ever make any prediction, and any advice should always be double (and triple!) checked before making any financial decisions, the below infographic is a great place to start doing your research:

Source: Online Trading Academy

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The Gentleman’s Guide to Wearing a Suit

How’s your suit game? We’re guessing it’s somewhere between alright and pretty good. Well it’s time to shape that up right quick, and fortunately the below infographic details out how exactly even the most suit novice can improve their style and swag. Check it out and check out the Psyche blog for more tips and tricks to turn your style from clown to classic.

Source: Psyche Designer Menswear

Stop Running From Your Home Energy Bill

It’s hard to believe but the average energy bill has shockingly risen almost 30 dollars in the past decade. A lot of this is due to the massive increase of people now using far more electrical devices. The below infographic details out a lot of other facts about the increase in electric bills as well as location data.

Source: Home Security Solutions

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Valentine’s Day By The Numbers

Another year, another day to celebrate with the love of your life (or sulk miserably alone on a Friday while all your couple friends are out having a great time together). The below infographic details out a lot of fun statistics surrounding the holiday as well as some health facts that can help… set the mood.

Happy Valentines day from HCL Nursing – An infographic by the team at Valentine’s Day Infographic from HCL Nursing

HCL Nursings Valentines day infographic