The Relationship Between the Customer and the Call Center

Customer service is something that every business needs to get right in order to survive. One major way customers choose to get in touch with a business is on the phone.

The infographic reveals customer service and call centre statistics that are sure to shock and surprise, including how phone contact still beats social media like Twitter when it comes to customer enquiries and the worst offenders for annoyingly keeping their customers on hold for outrageous lengths of time!
call centre infographic

Trending Attitudes in Cloud Computing

What is your attitude to Cloud Computing? Have you adopted a cloud solution or are you considering doing so? We wanted to find out what you thought so recently we surveyed 174 respondents from North America to find out what their attitudes are toward the cloud. Take a look at the Infographic below to find out what IT professionals value, use and are considering in Cloud Computing.

Source: Insight Cloud Computing Solutions

Why The Android is Giving Other Mobile OS Sleepless Nights

Android Vs. iOS is what everyone is talking about and there are passionate supporters on either side of the fence. As the battle between Android and iOS heats up, it is very easy to forget the small beginnings of the two mobile OS and how they grew in the ensuing years.

This infographic takes a look at the Android OS, its various versions and its market share over the years. The objective of this infographic is to inform readers about the growth of the Android OS and how it slowly but surely, began to hold sway over the market. It also takes the reader through the names of the various smartphones that first hosted the newest version of the Android OS, over the years.

The idea is to give a fly on the wall look at the growth of the Android OS and allow readers to know how each new version of the Android OS has contributed to its market growth. What readers can note is that, at times, three newer versions were released in a calendar year. This in itself is a testimonial to the fact that the world of mobile technology is seeing fast paced growth and a rapid launch of the latest versions of the Android OS illustrates this fact with aplomb.

Source: PLAVEB

Game Shows Through the Ages

“Before the Reality TV invaded our homes, Game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy etc were the darling of every home in America and other parts of the globe. Up to this day, some of these shows are still airing and giving Reality TV shows a run for their money. For example, Family Feud is still airing today and thriving. No wonder it is part of the pop culture. For generations, families would watch the show together and root for contestants that catch their attention and sympathy each week.

However, have you ever thought when this phenomenon started in America did and the rest of the world did? To answer your questions in your head, our infographic site will answer all these questions as we provide an incomplete history of the Game shows as they are still evolving today!

TV Game Shows (infographic)