Buying a New Car

Buying a new car takes lots of research and time spent figuring out what the perfect mix of affordability and owning a car you live actually is. The folks at Auto Comparison have designed this infographic detailing out the thoughts of people in the same boat… rather car, as you:

Buying a New Car - Infographic

Annual Vehicle Theft Report

Having your car stolen can be one of the most irritating processes in the whole world. Filing a police report, making a claim with insurance, taking inventory of everything else that was in your car… Below, the folks at Locksmith Manhattan have broken down the annual report on vehicle theft, listing regional theft numbers as well as popular makes and models of cars that get stolen most frequently. They also offer some great tips on how to prevent theft of your vehicle:

Source: Lock Smith Manhattan

How Will VW Conquer the World

How will VW conquer the world by 2018? Well they aren’t that far away to achieving their ultimate goal. This infographic will give you a birds-eye view on how much Volkswagen have expanded their company, and will give you insight to all of their subsidiary brands and manufacturers that they have purchased. It is impressive to see how powerful VW has become, and what their market share forecast is for 2018.

How VW will conquer the World by 2018
Source: Car Loan 4U

Email Software Tips

It’s a Monday morning, you’re tired…and you just want your email to do the thinking for you. Two online programs, Right Inbox and Boomerang for Gmail, can help you with your Monday morning woes.

These programs allow users to schedule emails in the future, track sent emails and set reminders. Here is a comparison of the varying features offered by both programs.