The Best Selling Men’s Underwear Brands in the UK

Ever wonder what that man across the seat from you on the tube is wearing underneath his slacks? No? Well, we think you’re lying, because we know you’re likely slightly curious. The below infographic details out the most popular underwear brands in the UK by brand. How about you, what are your favorites?

Source: Underu

What is Follicular Transfer?

Did you know that there are 6.5 million people in the UK that have male pattern baldness? Well, it’s never been a better time to consider a follicular transfer as the process only continues to get more effective. The below infographic details out the process for those curious about learning more:

Source: An infographic by the team at Harley Street Hair Clinic


Lucky Lucky Lucky! Check Out This Year’s 888 Casino Winners

It’s been a big year for folks playing at 888 Casinos. The below infographic details out a lot of the fun numbers behind last year’s big winners. From prizes to cash, all sorts of lucky winners won a variety of great prizes. Check out the full details below in this fun and stylized casino-like infographic:

Source: 888casino’s 2013 winners inforgaphics via 888casino
888casino's 2013 winners inforgaphics


11 Strange and Unusual Tax Laws in History

With tax season soon upon us, and many people hunting for the occasional loophole to save themselves a few bucks, nothing can compete with the bizarre tax laws in the below infographic. For example, did you know that people in London used to be taxed on how many windows their houses had? How about the fact that urine used to be taxed (seriously, what!?).

Source: EFile

Unusual Taxes Throughout History

Top 10 Mistakes Traders Make When Filing Their Taxes

If you’ve got any money in the stock market you know that your taxes get almost immediately more complicated. And a lot of people make some very simple mistakes that inevitably end up costing them either on their returns or by getting fined for improperly filing. The below infographic details out the top 10 mistakes made when filing taxes, make sure to check it out before submitting your taxes this year:

Source: Graphic by Online Trading Academy

Top 10 Tax Mistakes Traders Make