The Luckiest Cities in the UK

You probably are sitting there thinking, “ok, I don’t really believe in luck” – but let’s all be honest here for a second that even for those of us who refuse to believe in any sort of random goodwill, we can’t help but occasionally wish for a little luck ourselves. Perhaps the below infographic can help those of us with a few more aspirations to live near and around luck, as it maps out the luckiest cities in the UK -

Source: World Lottery Club

How to Make Moving Easy as Possible

Moving can be extremely exciting – a new home, a new location, and just a fun change.

But ACTUALLY moving can be extremely tiring, as packing everything up, carefully making sure it all doesn’t break, and then having to transport and eventually unpack it all shortly after. The below infographic from My Guys Moving¬†offers some helpful tips to hopefully make the process slightly less painful.

Source: My Guys Moving Blog

The Most Annoying Office Habits in the UK

We’re willing to bet you have that one person in the office who is clicking their pen really loudly, or slopping down their lunch super obnoxiously or talking on the phone way too loud. Or perhaps if you don’t know that person, maybe you are that person. Paperstone Office Supplies¬†surveyed 1000 people about the things that annoy them most in the office – these are the results:

Source: The Paperstone Blog

The Growth of Mobile Gaming

Let’s be honest you probably spend way more time on your phone than you should. In this day and age it’s impossible not to glance down on it almost every couple of seconds to check for any updates. Of course this has led to an increase in mobile gaming of which the likes have never been seen. The below infographic details out this trend:

Source: Smart Live Gaming