Other Resources

Other sites that accept infographics:

  • Vizual Archive : Daily infographic submissions and reviews as well as the occasional post discussing the graphic design industry.
  • Infographic Directory : UK based infographic reviews and publications.
  • Pure Infographics : Posts daily infographics and reviews in an easy to skim format.
  • Infographics Archive : Infographics blog with references for people looking to get their own infographic ideas designed as well.
  • Infographic Hub : Daily infographics blog with intros to each post.
  • Infographic File : Infographic submissions displayed daily in a tile format for easy viewing of your favorite data viz projects
  • Infographics Maze : Talented infographic designer with daily infographic reviews.
  • Infographic Gallery : Updated daily with infographics and other data viz reviews
  • Money Infographics and Travel Infographics: Great niche infographics blogs that both focus specifically on travel and financial data visuals
  • Infographics Zone : A great infographics resource site, with both reviews of infographics as well as infographic creation services
  • Infographics Portal : Wonderfully segmented infographic site for a variety of topics
Looking to be added to this list? Shoot us an email discoverinfographics@gmail.com — we’ll happily exchange resource pages.

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