Where does Most Rubber Come From?

Did you know most rubber comes from Southeast Asia? How about that production is wildly on the rise? With more demand for transit coming from developing countries, we guess it’s not surprising that this increase is taking place. The below infographic details out a lot of facts about rubber production as well as maps out the most predominant producers of rubber.

Source: RH Nuttall

Phillippine Real Estate Market Watch

According to Philippine real estate consultancy firm Pinnacle, the Philippines is enjoying a boost in sales and rent, particularly in the residential real estate sector. This growth is said to stem from the continuously improving performance of the country’s economy. Real estate developers, as you can see the options, are responding by increasing the capital they have allocated for residential projects in order to accommodate the demand for these properties.

This particular infographic depicts the movement in sales and renting in the luxury residential real estate market in the country, which is said to be fluctuating due to the non-stop arrival of expatriates who have been expanding their businesses in the Philippines.

Source: My Property