How to Burn Calories Quickly — 10 Minute Exercise Ideas

Want some great ways to burn calories quickly and under 10 minutes? The below infographic maps out a variety of ways you can have a quick workout in under 10 minutes. With some fun facts about Joey Chestnut’s hotdog eating, you can also read about some terribly unhealthy eating habits. However, below that is a great breakdown of some low calorie foods and healthy snacks that will help you keep those calories off.

Source: Quick Quid

Addiction in the Work Place

Addiction in the workplace can be an elephant in the room that many people aren’t willing to discuss. Between alcoholism, pain medications and other types of drugs, it’s fairly common to have people dealing with these personal issues. The below infographic details out some of the statistics surrounding addiction at the office.

Source: Clinical Partnerspsychiatrists in London.
Addiction and the Workplace Infographic

The History of Online Trading Academy

The past 15 years have been pretty wild if you pause and think about it. From a financial collapse, major political tide changes, and ever growing connectivity through the internet, it’s forced many people to think much differently. The below infographic shows the history of Online Trading Academy during this time and the ways in which they have adjusted.

Source: Graphic by Online Trading Academy
Trading History

Comparing the Most Expensive Cars in the World

If you’re reading this, the odds are pretty good that you can’t afford any of the cars in the below infographic from the folks at But they sure are fun to compare when placed side-by-side. If you had to choose between some of the most beautiful cars in the world, which would you choose?

Check out more modest cars like the  Kia Rio review at for those of us who might be slightly more budget conscious.

Preparing for a Trade Show

Trade shows can be one of the most effective way to meet a lot of relevant customers very quickly. However, the competition for their attention is massive, as there will be dozens if not hundreds of competing booths. The below infographic details out some great tips on preparing for your next trade show.

Source: Exhibit Edge
Six Things to Do Before Your Next Trade show

Moms are the Best

Moms are the best — Sometimes their contributions can go relatively unnoticed and under-appreciated — the below infographic details some of the monetary ways in which moms help us all!

Source: Quick Quid

Quick Fixes for Around the House

Everyone wants to have a beautiful home. However a lot of people aren’t will (or sometimes even able) to put in the massive amount of time it can often take to do full remodels. The below infographic offers some quick and easy tips  to improving your home without having to spend too much time or money.

Source: Quick Quid