The Value of NFL Teams Compared to Sovereign Nations

If you live in the United States, odds are you grew up learning how much money your state alone was worth compared to the GDP of sovereign nations around the world.

This infographic takes that even a step further and compares sovereign nations to the monetary value of NFL teams. I think we can all join together and agree that perhaps it’s time to start discussing sending foreign aide to Jacksonville to help them out of poverty.

Source: Column Five Media

The Seattle Space Needle Infographic

Having a friend who lives in Seattle, we asked him what his favorite thing about Seattle was, and guess what he said? “Not having to talk to strangers very often.” — While we half-expected him to say the Space Needle, we quickly learned how wrong we were. He said the best thing about it is that you get to spend 30 dollars on a five dollar burger. Needless to say, we’re posting this infographic in his honor today, as it’s his birthday and it will probably make him mad:

space needle info 600px Space Needle Celebrating 50 Years [infographic]
Source: DLG Law Firm

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Guide to Buying a Used Car

Buying a used car is a great way to save lots of money compared to buying something fresh off the lot. However, there are often times greater risks associated. The below guide is a great first step for people looking to make sure they get the most bang for their buck when buying a pre-owned vehicle:

Source: Dandlock

Social Travel Takes to the Skies

Do you tweet every time you get on an airplane? How about a Yelp review of every hotel you stay in. Are your travel photos uploaded to Facebook before you even get home? Well you’re not alone, as social has taken over the travel space; a trend that’s probably not going anywhere:

Source: Tourist Link