The Most Controversial Video Games Ever Made

Video games have for the longest time been considered a subculture, but recently the tides have been shifting due to the meteoric rise of the “casual” gamer. And as this popularity has grown, so has the attention video games get in the press. With this in mind, every few years a video game will come out that gets everyone talking. From excessive violence to controversial missions, the infographic below details out history’s most talked-about video games.

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How to get rid of bad breath

Very few things about personal hygiene are worse than bad breath. Between people secretly thinking about it while they talk to you, it can also be big warning sign that something is being missed in your dental care. The below infographic details out the best ways to ensure you are taking better care of your teeth and gums, which should quickly improve your breath as well.

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Custom Wedding Barns, a Modern Wedding Trend

With the rise of Pinterest and social media, never before has there been more pressure to create a picture-perfect wedding. From the location to the decoration to the building the ceremony and reception are in, it’s important to be photo-ready at all times! The below infographic details out how custom wedding barns can really make your wedding day a special event.

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The world’s most iconic toys

Think back to when you were 10 years old. You can probably remember the “must have” toy when you were that age. Every generation has had at least one, and the below infographic outlines some of the most famous. From Monopoly to Tickle Me Elmo, you’ll definitely recognize a good chunk of these iconic toys.

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What sock pattern is right for you?

Ok, real talk. The biggest decision you make each day probably doesn’t revolve around your socks. BUT, nothing helps the confidence a bit more than a bit of creativity between your shoes and feet. Trust me, there is no better conversation piece than someone seeing a unique pair of socks. Not to mention how much your socks say about you! The below infographic details out this in a really fun and creative way.

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Where Your Recyclables Go

Throw it into a bin under the sink, take it out to the street once a week, and completely forget about it. This is a pretty likely story for most people in how much thought they put into recycling. But really it’s quite an impressive feat of infrastructure monitoring the entire life cycle of a recycling program. The below infographic details out the entire process.

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Sleeping in the Digital Age

Maybe besides air, water and food, sleep might be one of the most important things in survival. But as technology has started infiltrating more of our daily lives, there is no small effect on our sleeping habits. For example, those of us who have made a terrible habit of looking at our phones before going to bed are being exposed to short wavelength light that directly affects our ability to sleep. The below infographic details out many facts like this, and reinforces the importance behind a good night’s sleep.

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