Do You Need a Roommate?

Looking to find a new place? Curious whether or not you’ll need a roommate based on the cost of renting an apartment? The below infographic details out the different things to consider when shopping around for a new rental. Lots of fun statistics mixed in there to give some helpful insights as well as interesting facts.

Source: CondoMove

9 Ways to Improve Common Customer Service Responses

Customer service is probably one of the most complicated jobs on earth. You never know what types of questions or problems might end up on the other line. For a young, inexperienced rep, there might be a tendency to say the wrong thing in haste. The below infographic offers some improved alternatives to common customer service phrases, check them out below:

Source: SlickText Text Marketing

Why Care About Pollution

Don’t think the little ways in which you might be polluting make a difference? Well the below infographic has lots of information that points out just how it is important to care about pollution. Check it out below.

Source: See Solar