Regional Economics in the United States

While the United States is only one country, it’s pretty obvious that different regions all have their own cultures, economies, and styles. For example someone from the South West might be completely blown away visiting the North East as, despite speaking the same languages, the differences across our huge country are massive. The below infographic dives specifically into the economic differences across these regions, check it out below:

Source: Point Park University Online

2015 Groom Trends

With the 2015 wedding season in full swing, take a look at some of the most popular trends for grooms that have hit the big time this summer. From suit style to dashes of bright colors, a normal tuxedo just won’t cut it anymore in this world where everyone is fighting for the best wedding photos they can post on Pinterest.

Source: FashionBeans Men’s Fashion Tips

The Importance of Sleep in Being Successful

Nothing worse than not getting enough sleep. Waking up groggy, you just know it’s not going to be a good day at work. The folks at Sleepy People have done some research and in the below infographic point out the facts that not only do you feel worse, but your days are far less productive. Get all the facts below:

Source: Sleepy People