How to Afford Home Healthcare

Curious on how you can afford home health care? It can definitely be a serious concern for many people, as healthcare is already quite expensive. The below infographic details out many ways in which you can make it less expensive and affordable.

11 Ways to Pay for Home Healthcare

Enterprise Video: Act Now or Get Left Behind

Business trends come and go, but many times these trends stick and it’s important to be an early adopter. The folks at Polycom have outlined how enterprise video conferencing is evolving in the below infographic, detailing out a lot of great points about technology changes, and how companies need to act now:

Source: Polycom
The Perfect Storm in Enterprise Video: Act Now or Get Left Behind

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Do Movie Studios Still Matter?

It’s amazing to think about. All the movies that come out, pushing multi-million dollar marketing budgets, and then sitting back on those painful Fridays, just waiting to see if the crowds will arrive.

The below infographic details out a lot of amazing information about how movie studios could be doing a better job marketing their movies. Check it out below as well as the link to the iAcquire blog featuring this cool article.


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