Tree care in the urban forest

Land in the middle of a city can be extremely valuable. But often times the reason a city remains beautiful is because of urban forests, parks, and city beautification. There is a big difference in quality of life between cities with strict land policies to keep urban forests in tact as compared to those who don’t. The below infographic details out the benefits of keeping these urban forests in the best shape.

Source: Urban Forest Pro

45 Years of Internet Access

BEEP BEEP, DADUN DADUN BZZZZZZZ – Remember those sounds? Dialing up on a 56k modem, waiting seconds (minutes?) for images to load? Then when someone else in the house picks up the phone, you’re starting the whole process all over again. We’ve come a long way since then, with the ability to stream high definition video without any disruption of service. The below infographic details out the past 45 years of internet access.

Source: MCS Test Equipment

The Essential Pre-MOT Checklist

Failing the MOT is no fun, nobody likes having to redo it. There are a lot of simple things you can quickly check to ensure that you pass it the first time. The below infographic breaks down how to quickly give your car a check before the test to minimize things going wrong upon arrival for the test.

Source: Motorparks Car Dealers Listing

How to Diagnose and Prevent Seasickness

Nothing better than preparing for a wonderful voyage at sea. The chance to explore often overlooked parts of our wonderful earth and the amazing yet curious creatures just below the ocean’s surface is certainly an incredible opportunity. However, one thing that can ruin such a fun vacation for anyone is seasickness, which can easily wreck the entire week if you’re not careful or used to it. The below infographic details out the ways in which you can both diagnose and prevent this wretched illness.

Source: Addison Yacht Charters

Rare Coin Ripoff Report

With all things collectable, you have to watch out for scams. The folks at Money Metals Exchange created an infographic to detail what to look out for with rare coins, an area where fraudsters can be hard to spot. Take a look below, as they offer a lot of advice before jumping into the rare coin game.

Source: Money Metals Exchange

Reasons to visit Devon and Cornwall

Holidays are all about the experience of new culture, exciting activities and witnessing often historical locations firsthand. There are certainly hundreds of places you and your family could plan to spend a holiday away, so it can often be difficult to choose a location as many cities make for great vacations. The below infographic makes the argument for Cornwall and Devon, pointing out the countless fun activities, events and things to see while on vacation there. From the historical (Cornish wrestling), the exciting (surfing festivals) and the strange (VW festivals), Cornwall and Devon seem to have a bit of something for everyone.

Source: Blue Chip Holidays

Crazy Car Stats from Around the World

Did you know that in South Africa animals have the right of way on the road? Or that it is legal in Costa Rica to drink a beer while driving (as long as your blood alcohol level isn’t too high)? ┬áHow about the countries with the highest speed limits? The below infographic details out a lot of these fun facts and more as they cover wild facts about driving from around the world.

Source: We Buy Any Car