The second hand market in 2015

Two things will likely be true about everyone reading this. We all have way too much stuff and need a way to get rid of it. We also like to save money when buying NEW stuff. Here in lies the second hand market. Where folks can come together and both get rid of their own stuff as well as save money when buying someone else’s second hand stuff. The below infographic details out how this market works and offers some fun data on the second hand market trend.

Source: For Sale – Free Online Classified Ads UK

BLDC Motors: Flying High in the Aerospace Industry

The aerospace industry in the United States is a massive part of both the domestic and international economy. With a massive increase in aerospace engineering in 2014, it will be interesting to see if this strong trend will continue into 2015. The below infographic details out the industry and gives a great glimpse into the many elements of such a massive part of the global economy.

Source: Sinotech BLDC Motors Suppliers