5 Tips for Online Shopping

Women form the majority of online shoppers in the world today. These shoppers are of an average age of 42 years. They spend an average of $400 per month.
Tip one:
Bookmark the Reliable online Shopping Sites
It is a good idea to bookmark all the reliable online websites so that they can always be accessed with ease.
The top commerce-sites
There are 3 major websites on which you can do your shopping. These are:
• Amazon.com
• Alibaba.com and
• eBay
Tip 2: Ignore Suspicious Offers Sent by Email
All suspicious emails should always be avoided because they may be containing some virus.
Tip 3: verify the Unbelievable Offers
There are those emails which propose some unbelievable offers. These also should be verified closely to make sure that they are genuine.
Tip 4: Double Check Payment Sites URL
The URL of payment website should closely be observed to make sure that they are genuine.
Tip 5: Use a Reliable Security Software
Reliable software should be acquired to help you in blocking some of the websites which are fake.

Source: PriceCollate

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