SEO for eCommerce

This visual representation of an SEO track meet brings together the spirit of the summer games and the excitement of building an effective SEO campaign for an online store.

From on-page optimization and keyword research to content creation and algorithm updates, the infographic takes online merchants through the events of an SEO track meet through the eyes of a seasoned marketing decathlete. In going for the gold, merchants are reminded that a solid SEO strategy is a race that never ends, requiring on-page optimization, creating relevant content, earning quality back-links, measuring results and refining performance.

“Every online business owner needs to understand the importance of SEO and how it plays into the success of an online store,” said Guliz Sicotte, Director of Services at Volusion. “Each element of a campaign is equally important, and our hope is that this visual representation of SEO encourages and educates those in ecommerce to go for the gold when it comes to marketing their sites.”

Source: Services at Volusion

Phillippine Real Estate Market Watch

According to Philippine real estate consultancy firm Pinnacle, the Philippines is enjoying a boost in sales and rent, particularly in the residential real estate sector. This growth is said to stem from the continuously improving performance of the country’s economy. Real estate developers, as you can see the options, are responding by increasing the capital they have allocated for residential projects in order to accommodate the demand for these properties.

This particular infographic depicts the movement in sales and renting in the luxury residential real estate market in the country, which is said to be fluctuating due to the non-stop arrival of expatriates who have been expanding their businesses in the Philippines.

Source: My Property

How to Optimize Your PPC Campaigns

Did you know that:

45.5% of People couldn’t identify Paid Ads on the search results Page
64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keywords go to paid ads
Paid Ads for high commercial intent keywords takes up 85.2% above-the-fold pixels.

Check our infographic for effective tips to optimize your PPC campaigns including selecting an advertising platform, doing proper keyword research, testing different ad copies, optimizing landing pages and lot more.

How to Optimize your PPC Campaigns

Source: Invesp

Distracted Driving is a Growing Problem

Distraction is a factor in 80% of crashes in the US! The number of highway deaths for the past 10 years involving distracted driving is almost 34,052 and this is only the reported ones! Distracted driving is a very, very dangerous activity and that stats show it very well, for example did you know that texting while driving increases the risk of accident 23,2 times over unimpaired driving while drunk drivers are 7 times more likely to cause accidents! Take a look at some other scary statistics about distracted driving.

Distracted driving: Statistics and laws (Infographic)

Source: 1-855-WIN-THE-CASE

Learn about the Anatomy of a Diamond

A diamond’s cut determines a huge part of its value and what kind of price it will fetch in the market. A beautifully done cut on a diamond can spell all the difference between a sparkling, brilliant stone and one that is lackluster and dull. The cut also determines the diamond’s proportions, ability to reflect light, and the symmetry of its facets…all the aspects that contribute to a shining, much-desired diamond whether it’s loose or set in a jewelry piece.

This new infographic from Brilliance gives readers the basics of a diamond’s anatomy in a no-nonsense, highly informative manner. You can learn about the components of a diamond (table, crown, girdle, pavilion, and culet) in-depth, and educate yourself on how to evaluate the cut of a diamond via helpful diagrams. There are also handy tips and advice interspersed in the infographic which can prove especially helpful for first-time diamond buyers. Brilliance also features a chart on how the company determines the “make” of a diamond.

Source: Diamond Cut Guide