Winter’s Impact on the Skin

Right here in the thick of the winter, it’s important to make sure you’re taking care of your skin as the cold air can do a lot of damage. The below infographic details out the effects and things you can do to keep your skin safe in the harshest of weather.

Source: Wishing U Well

The Ultimate Guide to Beard Grooming

Alright just because this author can’t grow a beard doesn’t mean we won’t happily share content about proper beard grooming. We’re not bitter we swear. The below infographic details out some great tips on how to make sure your beard stays clean and handsome and the tools required to do so.

Source: Salon Supply Store

Cartoon Fashion Hair-Bows

Looking for some fun ways to style your hair? The below infographic has you covered, with a handful of fun ways to create a hairstyle similar to that of many famous cartoon characters. You’ll definitely get a kick out of their creative ideas!

Source: HairBow Center