Do You Need a Roommate?

Looking to find a new place? Curious whether or not you’ll need a roommate based on the cost of renting an apartment? The below infographic details out the different things to consider when shopping around for a new rental. Lots of fun statistics mixed in there to give some helpful insights as well as interesting facts.

Source: CondoMove

Unlocking the Power of Your Lease

Own a lot of land? Looking for some revenue options? The below infographic details out some advice when it comes to leasing land to cell phone and billboard towers. These leases can be complicated so the below infographic is helpful for those unsure where to turn.

Source: Lease Advisors

How To Improve Your Trades With OptionWeb

Are you into trading binary options? You can improve the results of your trades with OptionWeb’s informative tools for learning. The below infographic gives you a brief overview on the possible actions that you can do in order to make wiser and more informed trading decisions using the valuable educational tools and resources.

Source: Binary CompariZone

The hidden plastic economy

Remember when you would be in line at the grocery store and the person in front of you would either be counting coins out to give exact change or perhaps even worse was writing a check to pay for their items? Let’s all be thankful how far we’ve come. The below infographic details out how much credit card and debit card payments have overtaken merchant payments. But interestingly, the number of credit cards shoppers now use is almost half of what it was in 2009. Get all the facts below:

Source: Merchant Negotiators