The Business of Being Santa

Santa has a pretty tough gig, we gotta hand it to him. Running around on Christmas Eve delivering gifts to millions of kids. However, we’re pretty sure his job as gotten a little easier with the latest developments in technology. This below infographic describes how it all most likely goes down :

Source: Salesforce

How to Work off Your Christmas Dinner

It feels like Thanksgiving was just a few weeks ago and here we go again with another huge meal incoming. Just as we all thought we had worked off our turkey gut, here comes another huge holiday meal. The below infographic offers some fun advice on how to keep the calories to a minimum this Christmas:

Christmas Infographic

The Worst Holiday Toys Ever

Everyone remembers opening the gift from Grandma and getting a box full of socks. Despite your best efforts to feel grateful that she got you anything at all, your face clearly shows the disappointment as you pose for the family photo in your itchy wool reindeer sweater.

The folks at Brad’s Deals have outlined the worsts gifts in the below infographic; some pretty hilarious ideas listed on there:

Worst Toys Ever Infographic - Black Friday by BradsDealsWorst Toys Ever Infographic (Source: Black Friday by BradsDeals)

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Worst Toys Ever Infographic - Black Friday by BradsDealsBlack Friday by BradsDeals