How Europe Loves Lingerie

Interested in seeing what types of lingerie each country in Europe loves the most? The below infographic details out country by country details on what style is the most popular. Click the below infographic to launch the full version yourself.

Source: UK Lingerie

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The Best Sunglasses For Your Face

With summer soon upon us, we bet you’re on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses. But don’t forget about the fashion, right? Picking the right pair of shades for your face can be a challenge. The below infographic details out the ways in which you can make sure those sunglasses fit you perfectly.

Source: Charming Charlie

A Man’s Guide to Buying the Best Jewelry

Buying jewelry can be an extremely complicated process, especially if your interest are elsewhere, such as Football or drinking beer. Never fear gentlemen, the below infographic details out everything you need to know about buying jewelry for that special someone. Now you won’t have to worry about looking foolish when making the big purchase. Check it out below:

Source: Milano Jewelry