Intruder Alert! UK Burglary Statistics

There is nothing more terrifying than the thought of someone breaking into your home. It’s a scary thought, and can not only leave people feeling unsafe, but also violated. The below infographic details out facts surrounding UK burglary statistics, such as areas where robbery is most common as well as time when it is most likely to occur Check the rest out below:

Source: Glo-Bell Fire and Security

2014 FIFA World Cup Infographic

The 2014 World Cup is only weeks away so what better way to review some fun facts about the world’s most popular sport than to take a look at a lot of historical details of the event. For example, did you know only 8 countries have won the title? Or how about that Adidas has made the balls for the past 44 years? Check out more fun facts below:

Source: KUpdates

Where is Plastic From?

Ever wondered where all that plastic you see on a daily basis comes from? Well the below infographic offers an incredibly educational look into the process of molding plastics. Did you know that over 1 trillion plastic bags are produced every year? And that it takes over 1000 years for those bags to disenegrate? Check out more facts by clicking below to launch the full graphic:

Source Stephens Injection Moulding