Car Accidents and Insurance Companies

Between cute farm animals, NFL players and extremely annoying cashiers, insurance companies are all competing to get your attention and to present themselves as friendly as possible. And while the characters they present in their ads might be kind of fun, the below information reveals a lot about the business behind a lot of these companies. The below infographic by the BD & J Law Firm details a lot of the tricks they might use in order to prevent payment in the event of an auto accident.

Michigan No-Fault Case Statistics

Curious about the Michigan No-Fault driving cases? The below infographic breaks down a lot of the details surrounding no fault cases with examples of most situations you might encounter in an automobile accident. It also offers some great reminders about why it’s important to make sure you have auto insurance.

Source: The Clark Law Office

US Consumer Debt in 2012

While overall US consumer debt was down in 2012, the number is still staggering at 11 trillion dollars, with one of the largest being student loans, which is now higher than US consumer credit card debt. The below infographic breaks down some of the surprising and interesting statistics surrounding people’s spending habits and debt.

Source: The Credit Examiner
US Consumer Debt Statistics and Trends 2012

Free Infographic Resources : Comparing and Piktochart

Infographics are hot property right now, but if you r graphic design skills leave a lot to be desired, or you don’t have any suitable software available, there are two online tools available to help you to create professional-looking infographics for a variety of topics. Best of all, they’re both free.

Quick Feature List:

  • Free tool.
  • 15 pre-designed theme templates.
  • Ability to upload own graphics.
  • Lots of objects/shapes to choose from.
  • Plenty of customisation options.
  • Can be white labelled.

After a quick and easy sign-up process, users are directed to the drag and drop infographic builder, which sustains a clear and effective workflow throughout, making it very simple to use, even for first-timers.

There are plenty of objects and shapes to use in your infographic project, and if the supplied graphics are not quite what you’re looking for, provides an upload tool to add your own. Backgrounds and text are also customisable, with a fair amount of choice, sizes and styles.

Each element of the infographic can be positioned with accuracy, and the tool includes the ability to rotate and resize each. Once you are satisfied with the positioning, objects can be locked into place to avoid any user slip-ups!

Overall, this offering from is extremely good for a free product. Shortcomings to note include not being able to control the size of the final infographic; currently, the shape of the finished project is similar to A4 and it would be great to have the ability to elongate the canvas, as is the style of most infographics.

Quick Feature List:

  • Free tool with pro option.
  • 6 pre-designed theme templates (50 with pro).
  • Ability to upload own graphics.
  • Graphics available according to theme.
  • Large fonts list.

The Piktochart interface can feel quite overwhelming when compared to’s, the logic being that the available tools are all located in the toolbar, instead of appearing on click as per the tools set.

Piktochart has some great advantages over, such as handy controls for the canvas width and zoom feature. Piktochart also offers longer canvases – something notably lacking in the tool.

Any deficiencies? Currently, only objects from the theme in use can be dropped into an open project, but this is set to change. The developers are also working on the functionality of exporting infographics as HTML downloads.

On the whole, Piktochart has provided a powerful infographic creation tool, and whilst the interface may look clunky in comparison to other tools available, it is by no means horrifying. The pro version is currently priced at $29 per month, or marketing, PR and social media agencies may prefer to choose the annual version which will save them 40% on the full retail price.

If you’re looking for an infographic tool that requires a little less work, you could try, where you can create auto-generated infographics using the data from social media accounts or hashtags. Whichever infographic tool you choose; don’t forget to share your creation with Discover infographics!

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Selecting a Home Safe

If you have ever had anything terrible happen to your house like a burglary or fire, you know the importance of keeping certain things a little safer than others that insurance might just not cover. A small home safe will often do the trick, but there are countless options. The below infographic does a great job breaking down a lot of the details on selecting the one that will be the best fit for your home or small office.

Source: Scottsdale Locksmith

Mobile Phones and Road Safety

We’re all guilty of it. Most likely because we all think that we’re the exception to the rule. But statistics show that driving while talking on a cell phone or using a mobile device at all highly increases the likelihood of an accident. And despite new laws across many regions, people still seem to forget that it’s important to “kill the conversation” while driving. The below infographic details out a lot of statistics behind the dangers of distracted driving.

Source: Using a Mobile Phone when Driving – An infographic by GEM Motoring Assist
Gem Kill The Conversation Infographic Using a Mobile Phone when Driving [Infographic]

The Benefits of Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile payments are on a massive upswing. But even while user adoption is on the rise, this market still has massive room for growth. It is only a matter of time before our phones contain all our payment methods, like credit and debit cards, our identification and perhaps some other magical technology that hasn’t been invented yet.

This below infographic details out some of the advantages of mobile payment processing.


mobile merchant