10 Free Resources for Creating Infographics

Here are ten free resources that you can use right now to improve and create your Infographics. There are tools that allow you to check upon the ranking progress of your Infographic. There are tools that allow you to create your Infographic from scratch, and tools that allow you to add graphical elements to your Infographic. There are also tools to add data filled elements to your Infographic, such as chart, diagrams and data filled images.

1 – GunnMap 

This is a great little device that will provide you with a map of the world. The map is colored in based upon the information you enter into it. It is great for if you need to give statistics for different countries. There is also no need to use the whole world; you can just use sections that are relevant to your information if you like. All you need to do it enter the name of the country and the associated number, and it will shade the countries on the map accordingly, so that the ones with the highest number are shaded the darkest.

2 – Hohli 

This is a chart creator. You can build an online chart by entering the numbers and details into the online tool. Pick the colors of the chart and any further modification. Once you have finished entering all your data you should click to build your chart. It puts it all together for you so that you do not have to arrange the information yourself.

3 – RSS Voyage

This is a good way to view your RSS feeds on Infographics. It allows you to take the RSS feeds of your preferred sites and then put them into a timeline so that both you and other people may see them.

4 – Juice Analytics

This is an analytic program that has more visuals than most analytic software. You can check up on the progress of your Infographic without being bored. The display is more pleasing to the eye. The main function of this is so that you do not miss any pertinent data, which you may have done if you were looking at more boring and plain web analytic displays.

5 – Infogr.am

This is a tool that gives you a few pre-designed themes to help you get started with your Infographic. They are still developing this tool, so as you can imagine, the template selection is pretty limited. Nevertheless it is free, so one cannot complain too much.

6 – Piktochart

This is an Infographic designer, which is aimed at people who wish to create info graphics. It uses a very user-friendly modular design, which allows you to drag and drop shapes, text and images into your Infographic design.

7 – Creately

This is a great tool for creating an Infographic, which really focuses on data before visuals. We also know that Infographic data templates are making data more visually appealing, but sometimes you simply need to get the data in there. This is where Creately comes in. It is able to cram plenty of data into your Infographic without it looking cramped or confused. You can put in graphs and visualized data; you can put in flow charts and pie charts too. There is a wide range of graphs and data visualizations to choose from. You can use Venn diagrams, as well as family trees.

8 – Wordle

This is a tool that is also used by website designers. It turns your keywords into a cloud image, which is nicer to look at. This can be adapted for use with you Infographic so that certain words or data is bundled into this word cloud. It is very colorful and good looking.

9 – Diagram.ly

This is a good tool for the artistically natured Infographic creator. It allows you to draw diagrams without any form of template or background. You are simply able to draw your own diagrams for your Infographic. It is different from the “paint” program on your computer because it has other tools and graphics to help you draw with a better size perspective and three-dimensional perspective.

10 – Inkscape

This will allow you to draw images, which may then be used on your Infographic for free. It is a little bit like the Adobe illustrator.

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